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Best Nut Chopper

There are a laundry list of reasons to include nuts into your diet. Almonds are high in fiber, magnesium and Vitamin E. Cashews help prevent cancer. Walnuts aid in brain health, such...

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The Best Bath Mat

Finding the best bath mat is about more than just adding function to your bathroom. While bath rugs certainly do help to prevent slips and falls, they can also add a splash...

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Best Book Stand

Quasimodo may be a fun, relatable character to see on the big screen. But in real life, none of us want the humpback that comes along with this fictional character. However, bookworms...

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Instant Pot Review

Instant pots can shorten your time spent in the kitchen considerably. They are, nowadays all multipurpose or multi functional meaning the possibilities are endless! Why have a whole collection of pots and...

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